New features of Android 4.3 leaked
A Meetup posting created by the San Francisco robot User cluster reveals a few of recent options that ar coming back to robot four.3. throughout a happening scheduled for might sixteenth in San Francisco, a trio of developer "gurus" from HTC can discuss Bluetooth Low Energy and Open GL einsteinium three.0. in step with the posting, the members within the cluster can study BLE specification and therefore the new arthropod genus concerned on "with some active demos with varied devices, pulse rate monitors, key finders, and multi-sensor kits (temperature, pressure, humidity, accelerometer).

Open GL
einsteinium three.0 is predicted to bring "updated shading language, increased texturing" to robot. The mobile graphics specification is already supported by chips just like the} Qualcomm flower 600 that is found in new handsets like the LG Optimus G professional, HTC One and therefore the Samsung Galaxy S4. Improved graphics will definitely result in a crop of recent games for robot four.3.

Android 4.3
is predicted to be introduced throughout Google I/O that takes place later this month. Originally, it had been thought that Google would debut robot five.0 lime Pie throughout the developer event, however with OEMs inquiring for a delay so they will push robot four.2.2 to their current devices, Google has united to carry off on cathartic future major update to robot.