HTC One Red Spotted
If we could choose the best looking device we think that HTC One would take at least one of the highest places. When this device was presented we were able to see it shortly in red color but images of that version were immediately removed and we have received Stealth Black and Glacier White color for the body of this flagship. There is no doubt that the red HTC One looked great and it seams that soon we might receive it.
Now it seems that the red device wasn’t just a smartphone myth and even better, it will be available in the UK. A listing spotted on retail site Handtec shows the HTC One in red available for the princely sum to £503.99 – however the company doesn’t appear to actually have any in stock just yet.

Anyone wishing to get their mitts on the red model can register for updates but there aren’t any clues available on how long you might have to wait, nor what the vibrant shade of red might be called.
The HTC One has been knocking reviews out of the park since it was released earlier this month, giving manufacturer HTC a much-needed shot in the arm during a period of particularly heavy fiscal turbulence, and introducing new colour options for the already highly regarded smartphone is likely to increase its appear in further.
Whether or not HTC has any plans to introduce further colours for its flagship remains to be seen, but when you have a device that’s already close to perfect, improving its aesthetic is always a good option.
Here is the latest update on this subject:
The red HTC One has now been removed from Handtec’s site, but we’re sure we’ll be seeing it again soon!