Best new Android, iPhone and iPad games for April 2013
Each month we tend to decide the most effective games out of Android’s immense Google Play store and also the Apple App Store, and in April we’ve had one in every of the releases in quite whereas.

This time the boom happened all told varieties of genres - we've some awing platformers, athletics games, classical game remakes and even a imaginary creature game.

So if you’re still yearning for associate degree excuse to get pleasure from the primary weeks of spring outside, you have got lots of them.

If we tend to had to recap some recent trends, we’re positively noticing that whereas earlier Apple had a time advantage in obtaining games, this is often for the most part gone and most games square measure currently obtaining discharged for each mechanical man and iPhone at nearly constant time. And that’s nice, isn’t it? verify our picks for the month below and allow us to grasp that square measure your favorite ones within the comments below.