Analyst: iPhone 6 planned for June 2014
In Apple's recent quarterly earning decision, corporate executive Tim Cook implicit that Apple would not be launching any new product till this fall. That meant that analysts shifted the dates on varied product. Now, we have a tendency to expect the iPhone 5S this fall, and one analyst thinks that Apple continues to be planning to move to a quicker unleash cycle, that means the iPhone vi would be planned for June 2014.

The prediction comes from Peter Misek,
AN analyst with Jefferies. Misek is AN analyst World Health Organization is rarely afraid to form predictions regarding Apple, and not solely is he expression that the iPhone vi is planned for June 2014, however that it's planned to be larger than the iPhone five. Of course, the iPhone five continues to be on the smaller finish of screen sizes of late at 4", once abundant of the flagship competition comes in between four.5" and 5". Tim Cook has same that devices of that size ar engineered with too several "tradeoffs", that is that the same reasoning behind why the iPad mini is seven.9" instead of 7". Apparently, Apple can have found fixes for those tradeoffs by June of next year for the iPhone vi.

Additionally, Misek
appears to love the leaks from KDDI that came out regarding the future iPhone 5S expression that the device could contain a fingerprint scanner (though he does not appear to accept as true with a summer unleash for the device.) Misek finishes off his predictions with the requisite "well, duh" predictions that ar clearly planning to be true, however AN analyst needs to toss them in to offset the larger claims which will seemingly prove wrong. Misek says the 5S can have an improved processor, higher camera, and new color choices. Well, duh.....