Xperia SP manual now available
Xperia SP Manual Thumbnail The Xperia SP is thanks to launch at the tip of this month, however that hasn’t stopped Sony from cathartic the user guide. The manual is for the C5302 (HSPA+), C5303 (European LTE) and C5306 (North yank LTE) versions of the Xperia SP and clocks in at a hundred thirty pages. you'll be able to transfer nation manual below, user guides for alternative languages don't seem to be presently live.
We were hoping for a few careful info on setting notifications for the clear bar, however this information is surprisingly absent from the manual. What we have a tendency to did notice although is that Sony has enclosed a special arduous push button on the rear of the French telephone. this can be a primary for Sony Xperia smartphones as way as we have a tendency to ar aware.
Xperia SP Manual