Update New Nokia 808 And other Symbian Belle Models

Nokia has pushed out associate degree update to its line of Symbian miss Feature Pack one and FP a pair of phones. That happens to incorporate the Nokia 808 PureView with the 41MP camera on back. The models lined by the update square measure those made in late 2011 and 2012. The update brings the WebView gizmo, not in Beta, to your phone. WebView permits you to own "a window" into any live web site of your selecting and whenever the homescreen is viewed, the gizmo updates. you'll be able to have multiple WebView widgets on totally different pages.

a part of the update is that the Mirror gizmo, that could be a cutoff to a front-facing camera and permits the user to envision his or her face at a awfully low QVGA resolution. The Toggle torch turns the crystal rectifier lights into a serviceable torch whereas the stopo watch offers basic temporal order functions. Contacts Communication permits you to decision or message a contact victimisation one bit. Lastly, counting on that phone you have got been totin', the newest Mail gizmo may well be a part of the update. Guess what that gizmo does!

You might
additionally see updates for You Tube, your phone's Gallery and Wi-Fi with the update. It's all a part of the package that may find yourself creating the trek to older fresh Symbian models further.