T-Mobile launch HTC One April 24th

We already recognize that T-Mobile plans on launching the Samsung Galaxy S4 on might first. however will we recognize that? as a result of T-Mobile already told US so! however what concerning the HTC One, the opposite major golem unharness at the moment? in keeping with a leaked planogram (think of a schematic diagram for a store), the Taiwan based mostly manufacturer's new flagship model can launch via T-Mobile on Apr twenty fourth. And one week later, out can pop the Samsung Galaxy S4. the sole draw back to the present set up is that it might seem from the planogram that not each T-Mobile store are receiving the HTC One at an equivalent time

people who like better to create their purchase on-line, The automobilerier is giving freely a free car kit to people who obtain the phone on-line. Right now, the carrier is simply acceptive pre-registrations for the phone but, which implies that if you send your email address in to T-Mobile, they're going to provide you with a warning once the phone2014 is prepared to be purchased, that apparently are Apr twenty fourth.

Both AT&T and Sprint
square measure within the inside of their pre-order periods. each of these carriers are launching the device on Apr nineteenth. The 32GB model are $199.99 with a signed 2 year contract at each carriers. AT&T can have associate exclusive on the 64GB variant of the device. Meanwhile, T-Mobile2014 are posing for a $99.99 deposit with the balance due in monthly installments over twenty four months.