Stock Jelly Bean firmware ported to Xperia U
The whizz children over at xda-developers ar at it once more. they need managed to port the stock mechanical man four.1.2 candy code to the Xperia U (ST25). XDA member munjeni managed to make a customized kernel for the telephone set, while lee480 has place the read-only storage along. It solely works for Xperia U handsets with unlatched bootloaders. The read-only storage will be put in by recovery beside the kernel.

However, the read-only storage isn't meant for daily use at this stage with variety of bugs together with a non-working camera and semiconductor diode bar, movement issues, buggy electrical phenomenon buttons and severe battery drain. However, it’s period nevertheless and as Sony has not earmarked the Xperia U to receive a politician candy update, let’s hope it’s not too long before we tend to see a stable JB port.

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