Sprint Force 2014

ZTE could be a known mobile phone manufacturer that brings their smartphones to the carriers and one among those is that the Sprint Force. this is often an honest device with capable hardware however since technology advanced allot we'd like to mention that this is often currently associate entry level device.


The first thought
we have a tendency to had once finding out the Force was “plastic.” sadly we have a tendency to had not simply watched The Graduate. The Force is plastic from high to bottom, and it feels in and of itself. whereas some would possibly argue that every one plastic phones area unit dangerous, some makers tend to try to to a stronger job transfer a top quality feeling, however ZTE isn't one among them. we have a tendency to won’t go as so much to mention the Force feels low-cost, however it's like a shot apparent that you just area unit addressing associate entry level device.

the perimeters area unit the quantity rocker, microUSB port and camera button, and up high is that the power key and telephone receiver jack. Buttons area unit placed specifically wherever you'd expect them, and area unit massive enough that you just will navigate them while not wanting. Around back could be a unsmooth battery door that doesn’t supply the maximum amount grip as you’d expect. There you’ll notice the phone’s five megapixel camera and related to junction rectifier flash.


The Force follows pretty
commonplace style conventions, with a 4” 480×800 pixels IPS show sitting atop electrical phenomenon automaton navigation buttons (the suggested Task whipper button has been replaced with Menu.) The show is usually smart for associate entry level device, with {a respectable|a smart|a decent} 233ppi and good viewing angles because of the IPS technology. However, there seems to be some coating on the show as a result of in sturdy lightweight it washes out quickly if you’re not watching it straight on and therefore the show is very reflective normally.


The Force runs
automaton four.0.4 at its base, and as a Sprint ID device is usually vanilla automaton out of the box. sadly ZTE has enclosed lots of duplicate apps, like their own grandfather clock, timer, music and video players and decision log, however on the complete preloaded apps area unit lightweight. ZTE has reworked the lock screen to permit unlocking into the camera or to toggle vibrate mode, however rather than slippy the targets like each alternative device on the market you've got to carry them.

Processor and Memory

you'll see from the benchmarks the dual-core one.5GHz flower S4 processor performs quite well. Paired with 1GB of RAM it simply runs with the highest devices of last year just like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III. Thanks partially to the principally vanilla build of automaton, UI performance is lots sleek and that we didn’t expertise any lag.


The Force supports Sprint’s LTE network,
although most users without delay are going to be exploitation its 3G capabilities. it's all the opposite association choices you’d expect from a contemporary smartphone, together with Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth four.0.


five megapixel camera is predictably mediocre. it's fine for sharing photos on Facebook2014 because of principally correct color replica, however if you would like something with detail the camera fails you miserably. Even in sturdy, natural lightweight pictures durned out farinaceous at full resolution. although most midrange phones will shoot video at 1080p of late, the Force maxes out at 720p. It will permit you to snap a photograph whereas shooting a video but, that is probably going a a lot of helpful feature given the standard of most mobile phone videos even at 1080p.


The Force comes preloaded with
the quality automaton Music and Video apps, however conjointly has Google Play Music and therefore the automaton gallery app which might handle movies. the previous 2 apps get the task done, however area unit a lot of bareboned and fully redundant. As always, there area unit a large number of apps out there within the Play Store if either of those stock choices fail to satisfy your desires.

Call Quality

Callers were
happy with the Force, locution that solely sound defect was a small paper impact associated rating U.S.A. an 8/10. On our finish they plumbed usually smart and clear, although there was a small robotic tone to their voice, particularly at the tip of words.


The 1730mAh battery is rated at a solid
nine hours of speak time, that ought to be quite enough to induce the typical user throughout the day. we have a tendency to did notice that the phone drained enough even whereas sitting unused that we’d advocate charging it nightly.


The Sprint Force
doesn't attempt to be one thing it's not. there's no fancy materials to allow the air of a high finish phone, and therefore the value reflects what you’re obtaining consequently. it's not the prettiest, the quickest or the toughest phone out there, however at $50 on contract it's a phone that may work well for the typical user. good internals and lightweight code add-ons permit the Force to run quickly enough.