Smartphone revolution complete Sales top feature phones
In our tech-focused minds its
generally straightforward to forget that not everyone seems to be packing a innovative, prime of the vary smartphone in their jeans pocket.

once IDC declared on Friday that sales of smartphones had overtaken feature phones for the primary time ever, our initial reaction was: 'Wait is that simply happening now?'

thus. in step with the analysis company fifty one.6 per cent of the 418.6 million handsets shipped throughout the primary 3 months of 2013 were smartphones.

The figures state that smartphone shipments went up a
banging forty two % compared with an equivalent amount of 2012, transfer the figure to over 216 million in total.
manner on prime
"Phone users
wish computers in their pockets. the times wherever phones square measure used primarily to create phone calls and send text messages square measure quickly dwindling away," wrote aforesaid Kevin Restivo, senior analysis analyst with IDC.

Naturally, it's Samsung
that has driven the lion's share of the rise, with an out of this world thirty two.7 per cent of all smartphone shipments throughout the quarter.

That's nearly double Apple's tally of
seventeen.3 per cent throughout an equivalent amount, whereas LG was manner back in third place, in step with IDC's figures.

currently smartphones have finally taken the lead over their call-and-text happy low-spec rivals we will finally stop talking regarding the smartphone revolution. that brings North American country to consecutive question.... what is next?