Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair than HTC One 2014 , iPhone 5 2014
A phone of late cannot properly build it to customers while not Associate in Nursing iFixit teardown, and also the industrious people at the positioning wasted no time breaking into the Galaxy S4.

simply say, it got a giant thumbs up from the iFixit crew.

When all was
same and done, the S4 walked away with a gesture worthy eight out of ten on the reparability scale.

That compares to the one out of
ten presented on the good nevertheless unfixable HTC One and an added purpose than the iPhone five. the complete reverse-repair was therefore simple, the complete S4 iFixit guide is one perusable page long.
'I passed!'

The S4 required
no tools to require of the rear panel, whereas the battery was a fast snap off from exiting and getting into the device, that means shoppers should not need to slap it against their palms or do no matter different strategies they use to extract the two,600mAh juicer.

Peeling off the layers of the S4 was
comparatively easy, and as several elements square measure standard in nature, users want simply replace one thing sort of a done for microSD card rather than swapping out their phone entirely.

There were
components stuck in conjunction with adhesive, therefore iFixit knocked it's reparability score for those. The screen's glass is united to the show and show frame, that whereas not a giant surprise would result in additional charges in a very fix-it job.

However, the relative straightforwardness of the phone's
elements build this Galaxy straightforward to navigate and, at the tip of the day, straightforward to repair.
Now, happy smashing! No, wait, please
do not do this.