Phone Facebook
Since he proclaimed "Facebook2014" on the fourth of Apr are a conference associated with the mechanical man system, and leaks began coming back in regarding the new phone, that Satalgah social networking web site, and is anticipated to be running "Android2014." And discovered some U.S. technology sites that the phone is also referred to as a four.3-inch screen with a twin core processor one Gc and battery-powered random-access memory capability of one GB. it's expected that interested "Facebook" to produce phone, expected to be factory-made by the Taiwanese company HTC2014, a strong lens won't be less correct for five megapixel, particularly the importance of the pictures once social network users. On the opposite leaks regarding the device specification is that it'll work with the newest Bluetooth technology, that provides high-speed transfer, furthermore as alternative normal networks "Wi-Fi", with the mechanical man version four.1.2, called "Jelly". and every one users can have to be compelled to "Facebook2014" lovers of {the web site|the location|the positioning} and anticipating the phone2014 watch Event social networking site, that be lined directly.