Nokia,HTC and Huawei new Windows Phones summer update
Reddit has been the supply for several business executive sources gushing out mobile trade rumors that clad true before, and also the latest postings concern the Windows Phone crowd.

And so, if the poster is to be believed,
we tend to square measure staring at quite the crop being introduced throughout the summer, from the standard suspects like Nokia and HTC, however currently Samsung gets thrown into the combination, too, although it's in all probability a confusion with a Win eight notebook or pill of sorts:

can unleash 2 versions of "Tiara", one is for LTE markets, different isn't.
can unleash "Cronus LTE"
can unleash "Ascend WQ 5"
can push "EOS" and "Catwalk" (with no in-built wireless charging however you may have WC covers)
GDR2 has already RTM’ed and
you may seemingly to listen to press talking concerning "Max" within the returning future.

We square measure largely fascinated by Nokia's camera-centric Lumias here, particularly if the Eos transfers the wonderful camera from the 808 PureView to the globe of recent interfaces, however square measure thirstily awaiting what HTC has up its sleeve, too, because it simply expressed these days that it'll persist with Windows Phone aboard with the mechanical man portfolio. If the UltraPixel school from the HTC One, and its amplified stereo speaker makes it over to WP, then we'll be even happier. Huawei's effort can seemingly port Ascend D2 hardware over to Windows Phone moreover.

As for the expected Windows Phone GDR2 update for the summer,
it's apparently already within the hands of makers to think of, and also the supply mentions associate approaching easy lay iteration, which could be the GDR3 update we've been hearing concerning, that may allegedly bring support for phablets with Full HD 5-6" screens, just like the one reported to be within the works from Nokia, and an additional column of live tiles on the homescreen. Let's not forget we tend to conjointly noticed ZTE phone with WP aboard and big screens last year, that at the time gave the look of too wacky of a rumor.