Nokia Lumia 920 knock
You can simply tell however widespread a given smartphone is by the quantity of knock-offs of it spewed out by those no-name Chinese firms. that is why most of those low-cost imitations area unit iPhone look-alikes, however different makes also are being traced. The Nokia Lumia 920, as an example, has additionally caught the eye of the white-box makers.
This is the "Lumia R920" – a dual-SIM phone with dubious build quality and underwhelming specs. it's created by a corporation known as Mhorse and may be bought in Bharat via Ebay for less than 4450 rupees, that is that the equivalent of $81.40. however unsurprisingly, you get what you procure. there is a four.5-inch liquid crystal display touchscreen on the device's front, that is perhaps spectacular solely on paper. The camera is of two megapixels and therefore the 200kB (yes, kilobytes) of on-board storage is increased by a 4GB microSD card thrown within the set. Sadly, this ain't a Windows Phone device. It does not run automaton either, however some apps do come back pre-installed, together with Facebook2014 and Skype2014 purchasers.

Of course, our recommendation is to remain off from these knock-offs since you do not extremely recognize once it would simply fall aside in your hands. And if you are willing to require an opportunity, a link to the item on Ebay is on the market below