New Nokia Lumia 928 in white

New leak shows the Nokia Lumia 928 in white
If you simply look at the front of the Nokia Lumia 928, you will suppose that black is that the solely color out there for the phone, however that is really not true. Earlier we have a tendency to saw a leak that showed the black Lumia 928 from the front, back, and sides, and currently a replacement leak from identical supply is showing the device in white. rather like the black version, the white Lumia 928 incorporates a full black front, however the rear and sides square measure white.

The image comes
yet again from @evleaks World Health Organization has proved to be a solid supply for these types of things. As you would possibly expect, the device appearance identical because the last leak, simply with a distinct color. The white will create it a little easier to check the noise-cancelling electro-acoustic transducer found on the rear of the device, and also the cutout section that holds the element flash, that may be a slightly totally different style than the Nokia Lumia 920.

we have a tendency to mentioned before, the Lumia 928 is reported to be free on Verizon someday this month, however there is not plenty of your time left and there are no official announcements.