New Nokia 808 Pureview
Certainly one amongst the most important surprises at Mobile World Congress in 2014 was the Nokia 808 Pureview. Main feature that distinguishes this mobile phone is that the indisputable fact that it comes with forty one megapixel camera.


We’ve got
accustomed the thought that if a tool designed|is made|is constructed} by Nokia it'll be built to a awfully sensible customary and also the Pureview isn't any exception. The outer shell and back panel could also be plastic, however the materials used have a top quality feel to them and also the whole unit is finished with a matte texture that's straightforward to grip.

The whole
French telephone is extremely solid within the hand and that we expect it'll setback to the wear and tear and tear of traditional use quite well. It will have lots of heft to that, though, and far of this is often within the prime half the phone because of the burden of the camera. The result's a tool which can feel unbalanced and unstable in use.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s not
the foremost engaging phone within the world being each fairly large and quite somewhat dull-looking in style.

In fairness, Nokia has done
a superb job of incorporating that sizeable 41-megapixel camera into a comparatively compact shell. it's going to be thirteen.9mm thick however considering the ability of that camera it’s lots diluent than we’d expect.

The whole setup is housed
beneath a falciform chrome plate and also the back panel gently slopes up to suit flush with it making a awfully neat look.

The corners of the
French telephone area unit rounded off and provides the full French telephone a softer aesthetic however, given however nice the company’s angular phones like the Lumia 800 look, we predict one thing a lot of hanging would’ve been far better here.

The Pureview
additionally has AN odd look to that therein it seems tall and slender, creating it appear extended. Nokia has done a good trick with the front of the device although because the outer shell wraps around and fits snugly to an oversized and continuous block that homes the bit show.

At first
look it'd seem to be the Pureview includes a vast touchscreen however if you tilt it into the sunshine (or power the French telephone on) you'll see it’s a 4-inch show with equally sized sections of shiny black plastic at the highest and bottom and a particularly skinny edge down the perimeters.

rock bottom could be a wide and skinny ‘rocker’ vogue button for 3 of the French telephone controls.

When the device is asleep
you'll merely see the ability button icon carven on the correct hand aspect. sound the centre of the button illuminates a central bar for the ‘Home’ key, a inexperienced ‘Phone’ icon on the left and higher than the ability icon a red ‘End call’ phone icon that additionally functions as a back key.

appearance terribly cool, however, it’s slightly unreasonable as. The keys illuminating once you faucet the ability icon would’ve created a lot of sense.


we tend to mentioned, the 808 Pureview sports a 4-inch show, however despite its comparatively tiny size the image quality isn’t nearly as good because it may be owing to a awfully low resolution and picture element density. It clocks 640×360 pixels at 184 pixels-per-inch (ppi), that isn’t nice.

Nokia2014 has
remunerated somewhat by victimisation AMOLED with its own ClearBlack technology on prime, that means blacks area unit deeper and colors a lot of vivid than your average touchscreen.

We’d say the results
area unit tight enough for many users however others a lot of accustomed the iPhone or similar could realize the Pureview somewhat muddy.


Under the bodywork
could be a single core one.3GHz processor supported ARM eleven design and employing a Broadcom BCM2763 graphics process unit (GPU) and 512MB of RAM.

is truly quite snappy. Navigating the varied homescreens, we tend to didn’t encounter any issues and multi-tasking is handled well. we tend to did notice there will be somewhat of a load delay once beginning apps, though.

gambling the device can address fairly sensible 3D graphics while not an excessive amount of issue, though in a very 3D athletics game we tend to did notice somewhat of inarticulate .

On the storage front the
French telephone has 16GB of internal area and this will be boosted with small Coyote State cards by up to 32GB whereas property is catered for with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, micro USB, a 3.5mm audio jack with Ray M. Dolby improvement ANd an HDMI port.


The Symbian
missy OS is effectively the mythical being heel of the Pureview French telephone and brings the full issue down. however we’ll begin with the positive stuff.

we tend to mentioned within the performance section, navigating the varied screens and menus works quite swimmingly and multi-tasking is relatviely well enforced. we tend to additionally just like the method will|you'll|you'll be able to} add another homescreen on prime of the default 5 and every can have its own wallpaper with a pleasant fade-in transition between them as you swipe your method around.

additionally clearly been taking note to Google’s humanoid platform as a drop-down notification bar is gift and proper, complete with fast toggles for information, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and silent mode. Sadly, that’s just about wherever our compliments for Symbian finish and it’s all downhill from here.