New LG Optimus G Pro to get U.S. introduction
The LG Optimus G professional can create its U.S. introduction on could first at a media event within the long island. The press event includes a concert from what LG is looking "Indie music sensation Atlas Genius". The event can happen within the evening and that we ought to decide then once the phone are going to be launched and specifically wherever those within the states are going to be able to notice the device. we have a tendency to assume that if there square measure any changes within the specs, we'll hear concerning them too. Earlier this month, sources aforementioned that the LG Optimus G professional are going to be launched via AT&T on could tenth, which might dovetail utterly with the press event.

The phone
are going to be increasing against some serious duty competition within the U.S. market, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and also the Apple iPhone five. can LG be able to create any headway against its fellow Korean OEM? The device has some proprietary options like QSlide two.0 that permits multi-taskers to look at 2 apps quickly. One app seems solid and also the alternative is semitransparent and by victimization the slide bar, you'll alter the settings to modify that app is that. twin camera enables you to use the front and rear facing camera along and sensible Video uses the front facing camera to trace your eyes. If it detects that you simply square measure looking a video, it'll continue enjoying. Once it notices that your eyes are not any longer pasted to the screen, the video stops enjoying therefore saving battery life, and memory wherever you left off.