Motorola X Phone will be sold in 20 colors
Here’s another X Phone story for United States of America all and that we advocate you to strictly treat it as a rumor. If reports square measure to be believed, Motorola's X Phone may be oversubscribed in over twenty colours. The rumor generates from Phone Arena, with no credible confirmation nevertheless.

in the slightest degree Motorola were to bring twenty color combos for the a lot of expected X Phone, there would definitely be plenty of confusion among the users. Of course, if the hint here is to sell twenty completely different removable back covers/skins, that may create a full heap of sense, however the phone itself in twenty colours appears like a risk that the corporate may not be willing to require.

There has been
heap of say the mystery X Phone and its options, however this rumor, in my opinion, can ne'er see the sunshine of the day. however i'd need to eat my words within the future if Motorola truly decides to try to to one thing like this. however as of currently it is from reality and can in all probability stay that means.

The X Phone, as
we all know it, is believed to feature state of the art hardware in conjunction with all of Google's goodness if rumors from the past square measure something to travel by. additional may be discovered regarding this phone at the forthcoming I/O event next month that is sometimes once Google sheds light-weight on most of its product and automaton connected data.