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In the last few months we were adept to see couple of decent tablet devices from Lenovo2014 and they are continuing to consign new gadgets to their lineup. One of the newest supplements is the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx that represents ideal device for users that are looking for a somewhat more inexpensive apparatus that still brings pleasant features.

Sheesh! converse about bland and dull here folks with the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx. In detail, there’s nothing too attractive with this one, as it feels depression and at low cost assembled. rather candidly, it doesn’t help either when its artificial casing is on the brittle side of things – and the rigid pattern of the rear does little to give us a decent grab in the hand, vitally giving it a slippery seem. Yet, we do realise that it’s light weight weight weight (1.4 lbs) and skinny (0.37″ slim) for its dimensions, but its boxy number and overall tasteless conceive doesn’t give it the killer appeal of an genuine lynx.

In agreement to its smaller price point, not surprisingly, the Lynx is sporting a physical Start button underneath its display – as are against to certain thing feel perceptive. On the converse edge, there’s a no-frills 2-megapixel front-facing camera that’s enabled for 1080p video notes, which is the only one on this allowance tablet.

regrettably though, everything round the tablet’s trim is flush to the exterior, making its personal buttons (power, volume command, and orientation secure) notoriously difficult to seem out. Regardless of that, it’s comforting to understand that this allowance tablet is fair the common set of docks we’d arrive to anticipate on a Windows 8 tablet – these encompass the micro HDMI port, micro SD business business card slot, 3.5mm headset jack, microphone, micro USB port for charging/data connectivity, and left/right speakers.

certain, we’re thankful that Lenovo hurls in a USB dock adapter, but it means that we need to remember bringing it along for the travel all the time. Lastly, on the base brim, there are notches that permit an optional keyboard dock to attach to the tablet – albeit, it’s an added $130 cost, but does convey along 2 full-sized USB 2.0 docks and extra electric battery life.

As expected, there’s not anything that leaps out too extravagantly with the Lynx’s 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 IPS LCD display. Churning out a pixel density of 135 ppi, which is undoubtedly below the mean nowadays, we’re certainly finding ourselves doing some grave pinch zooming in the world wide web browsers to correctly glimpse fine text. As for hue reproduction, we can’t deplore too much glimpsing that it’s a bit on the neutral edge, but there’s some obvious bleeding around the edges of the display that becomes more famous at certain viewing twists. utilising it outside, its 400 nits of brightness does well to handle direct sunlight, but it does need some protecting every now and then. Yeah, it’s adequate enough to use, but like its design, it finally arrives off as bland.

Nope, we’re not at the very smallest sad to understand this one is only brandishing a front-facing camera2014. To notify you the truth, if it assists to hold its price down, we’ll endure the need of a back camera. Naturally, we can’t have high anticipations with the front-facing cam’s quality, since it’s attractive bare with the fine minutia and very grainy looking. regardless, it’s ample for video brief talk, but not so much with self-portraits.
Interface and Functionality:
Depending on how you gaze at it, some might realise the detail that the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx is as supply as it goes for Windows 8 slates, but at the identical time, we desire there is more to find out with the know-how. Nonetheless, it’s the same experience you’ll find on any other Windows 8 tablet out on the market right now. Just like everything additional before it, the start computer display is comprised out of those cool looking and dynamic live tiles. certainly treasured, desktop mode brings us back to the endeavoured and factual gaze of Windows past – with legacy programs support too!

Seriously, if saving cash is all that you care about, there’s no arguing that you’ll be doing just that with the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx. regardless of its less than appetizing conceive blended with its entry-level specs, the Lynx is able to consign the same grade of presentation as other Atom-based Windows 8 tablets. However, in making it a more comparable choice, you’ll need to branch over another $130 to make it a convincing net book replacement – and that’s on top of its $550 price point! frankly people, the Think Pad Tablet 2 seems to be a convincing choice too at $679, glimpsing it’s cramming a back camera, digitizer stylus, full-sized USB dock, and an overall better conceive, but heck, the savings discovered with the Lynx might be sufficient to sway persons to its gaze. 

Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx 1 

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