iOS 7 thought creative person desires widgets 
A dilligent designer has mocked up a video showing however he'd like iOS to figure on his iPhone2014 and iPad2014, with options like Android-style widgets on the highest of his should have list.
Frederico Bianco has created quite an elaborate breakdown of his vision for iOS seven, not simply of what the options ought to be, however of however they must work, too.

As you would possibly expect, variety of the options Bianco desires ar a number of the most effective concepts found on humanoid phones2014 . He desires to be ready to launch apps from the Lock Screen, for instance, and he desires to access sure apps through widgets, instead of having to launch the apps themselves.

One of his higher concepts is for a brand new app referred to as Shelf. this is able to be a repository for all of the webpages you choose to browse later, with a ballroom dancing method for adding them through the campaign browser.

Take a glance at Bianco's video for yourself and allow us to grasp that of his concepts you like, and that ar fully fruity.