iOS 7 release date
The last major iOS half dozen update for Apple's mobile devices, the iPad, iPhone and iPod bit, was principally hit, however there was an enormous Maps-shaped miss.

Lots of folks were justifiedly angry concerning Apple ditching Google knowledge, however on the far side that mis-step there have been things to like: a additional helpful Siri (App launching and the popularity that a world exists outside of the USA), shared image Streams, handy Phone app controls like 'send to voicemail', and major enhancements to Mail, Safari, accessibility and also the Camera app.
iOS seven unharness date

it looks just like the new software could be running a trifle overdue. John Gruber believes that iOS seven is "running behind", with engineers being force from OS X ten.9 to figure on that.

We're expecting a Gregorian calendar month or Oct unharness date for iOS 7 in line with previous releases. We'll nearly definitely see a reveal at WWDC in early June. Apple has secure to offer devs "an in-depth scrutinize what is next in iOS and OS X".