Hulu Plus to Windows Phone 8
Video-on-demand service Hulu has been developing a Windows Phone2014 application for a few time and if a message received by a Windows Phone user is to be believed, the app ought to be “released within the close to future.”
Hulu offers a basic ad-supported service and a $7.99 semi-ad-free subscription service and has apps for
mechanical man and iOS accessible. Windows Phone has been Hulu free whereas desktop computers will clearly stream video.

and will embody some advertising, a necessary evil given the license fees that require to be acquired some TV programs. However, the service is widespread as a result of the content is current. whereas Windows Phone doesn't command an enormous slice of the mobile subscriber base, Hulu has apparently been receiving plenty of requests to support the platform.

A user shared
a picture of a response to a call for participation for data concerning supporting Windows Phone and it absolutely was quite encouraging. “We get plenty of requests for this platform, and we’ve been performing on creating it accessible for a few time. In fact, the app ought to be discharged within the close to future.”

The cynics out
there'll like a shot denote that “the close to future” is that the same is “coming soon” associated different guarantees of an as-yet-undefined time within the future. However, Hulu supports plenty of devices and platforms, as well as Windows eight and also the Xbox 360 at the side of dozens of different devices, therefore the prospect of seeing a Hulu2014 and mobile2014 app for Windows Phone isn't such a stretch.

on after we might even see such associate app is anyone’s guess for currently.