Google X phone And Android 5.0.1 SPotted on AnTuTu
Here it's of us, the one rumor we've all been keenly observant and keeping our eye on. AnTuTu, the favored benchmarking app, has disclosed a brand new phone known as the Google X, running on robot five.0.1 lime Pie. this might somewhat be the Motorola X Phone that we've detected most of over the course of the year.

Our eyes
can currently be attack next month's Google I/O event wherever the smartphone can apparently be proclaimed. what is precisely new with robot lime Pie are some things we're still unsure of, however i am sure it's reaching to be a notch sooner than what we’ve seen from candy four.2, because it wasn't a full fledged upgrade to robot four.0 or 4.1.

As for the Google X phone,
we expect it may be skipped throughout the event. As this can be simply a rumor for currently, there's a high risk that we'd not even see the smartphone being shown off. thus we have a tendency to suggest you to require this news with a pinch of salt for currently. however the event is in but a month from currently, thus you don’t ought to hold your breath for long. however i prefer however the Google X phone sounds most higher than the Motorola X phone.