BlackBerry OS 10.1 update
It looks just like the initial major package update to BlackBerry2014 ten OS can begin rolling out later this month – simply in time for the BlackBerry Q10 launch. In fact, quite few of the new options it'll bring square measure meant for BlackBerry Q10 users as they profit of its physical QWERTY keyboard.
Among them are the new sort N Go, that could be a perk that has fast access to variety of commands straight from the search bar. as an example, typewriting "email" so a contact's name can launch the e-mail shopper and add them as a recipient. That works with BBM, videocalls, SMS, phone calls, and more. additionally, the keyboard's hardware buttons can work as cutoff keys when the update: "i" and "o" can rivet and out severally, whereas "r" or "f" can reply to or forward associate degree email. The OS' word prediction feature also will be changed in accordance to the BlackBerry Q10 and its kind issue.

Further changes embrace enhancements to the company Liable feature and BlackBerry Balance, that improve a phone's security if it's getting used as a piece device and create it easier for users to change between their work and private wants. Last however not least, the interface's color are modified, though it appears like solely BlackBerry Q10 house owners can have this new dark theme on their devices. Take a glance at the screenshots below and see what that may look like!