Best Camera Phone 6 handsets tested
A decade agone, new fangled gizmos known as 'camera phones2014' started rising. Pretty presently there became too several to rate aboard 'proper' cameras, and in any event long ago the farinaceous, smudgy 640 x 480 pixels shots from phones were pretty dire. you may moreover have photocopied your backside.
Now, the standard of cameras (or rather sensors) in phones has massively improved, to the extent that the typical non-photo enthusiast is currently asking whether or not these could replace their dedicated compact camera. And if so, that phone ought to they obtain, in terms of that is best for photography?

But whereas your French telephone may be OK for daily snaps, is it ok to act as your one and solely device with that to record those key moments in life?
Can smartphones replace compact cameras? Best camera phones explored
Often, what you gain in convenience by employing a smartphone for taking footage, you afterwards lose in image quality. One obvious distinction between today's compact cameras associated smartphones is that even the foremost basic pocket camera has an optical optical lens that comes from and retracts into the body. however smartphones still get by with simply digital zooms.
Digital zooms effectively simply crop the image, {progressively|increasingly|more associated more} losing pixels the more you 'zoom' in - and positively this is often an weak part that camera makers square measure wanting to use in their favour.

But at an equivalent time, camera brands are more and more adopting smartphone-like app menus and web property to bring the 2 devices nearer along, with Samsung's Galaxy Camera being one in all the primary and most absolutely realized samples of this convergence of technology to hit the road.

So compact cameras square measure seeking to be a lot of like phones, and lots of smartphones are attempting to be a lot of camera-like in their advancing shooting capabilities.
Can smartphones replace compact cameras? Best camera phones explored
Let's take a glance at the simplest camera phones offered currently (a cluster take a look at we'll be perpetually updating), to assist you choose that one is best for you and your photographic desires. Here we have a tendency to compare our favorite phones for taking photos, organized by current market value, with sample pictures to point out the kinds of photos they are capable of manufacturing.
Can any of those high camera phones win over you to ditch your compact camera?