Asus Fonepad 2014
The Asus Fonepad is a super portable and powerful 7" tablet that acts as a smartphone too. This means you only need one device for all your mobile needs.

Full phone functions.

Want a tablet but need a phone too? That's where the Asus Fonepad comes in. Not only is it a tablet with a large display, it's also a 3G phone. No need to change settings, flip switches or pull out an aerial. The Fonepad is simply a tablet and phone all bundled into one. You can make calls, text, send emails, get on the net, and everything else you can with a smartphone.

Brilliant 7" screen.

You won't find many phones with a 7" display! The Fonepad's touchscreen has 720p HD resolution so everything is HD-sharp, and combined with the spacious 7" of space, it's a real entertainment machine on the go. Movies, websites, YouTube™ videos, anything visual looks awesome. And with IPS technology the viewing angle is excellent, so even with it resting on the table as you catch up with emails, the colours and contrast are great.

Premium metallic design.

The Asus Fonepad has been designed to be slim, light and easy to hold with one hand, but it's also designed to look good. The metallic back cover and integrated camera lens look professional and the cover has a cool brushed metal finish.

Front facing camera.

Friends away on holiday? Family living abroad? Just fancy ringing a loved one and being able to see their face? The front facing camera on the Asus Fonepad is perfect for video calling using apps like Skype. This means you can see who you're talking too, and because it's over the net, calls are often free too!