Apple iPad PowerVR GPU vs Intel's HD4000
The iPhone brought the mobileS revolution and Apple has continuing its laser-focus on that with the iPad. each devices square measure performing arts extraordinarily well within the graphics department, associate degreed we’ve long been inquisitive whether or not one may replace a notebook with an iPad. Sure, for straightforward computing tasks it appears that question is resolved by currently, however what concerning games and different diagrammatically difficult content?
Up up to now we tend to couldn’t live the precise distinction between the iPad’s A6X chip with PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics running on the mobile iOS and a full-blown Core design on a pill just like the Surface professional with a Core i3-3317U chip with HD 4000 graphics on a 64-bit Windows eight.

That changes currently with the discharge of GLBenchmark two.7 and DXBenchmark. the 2 benchmarking apps by Kishonti will currently share performance info. It’s not precisely associate degree apples to apples comparison - DXBenchmark depends on Microsoft’s DirectX API whereas GLBenchmark takes info from the Open GL Es.

The new benchmark that puts graphics to a true assay is that the T-Rex one with a tyrannosaurus chasing a woman on a mud bike.

The results square measure the juicy half because the iPad four is just double less potent than the competitive Surface professional in terms of fill rate. In pure mathematics performance the gap widens to two.5 times.

When it involves scenes rendering, things have extremely touched up quite quick with the Egypt HD scene from GLBenchmark two.5 yielding results of 20fps at the best at its launch. Now, we've forty frames per second results, however the new T-Rex tests moves things back to start out, and people same new architectures will barely place 15fps.

Here is once we see the large distinction - Intel’s HD4000 delivers thrice higher frame rate.

We but mustn't forget the distinction in power output. whereas the PowerVR SGX544MP4 is clearly a mobile chip intense near to five watts, common ivy Bridge on the Surface professional hits 17W.

As each ARM and Intel square measure ferociously attempting to either boost performance (ARM) or lower power consumption (Intel), it’s extremely a matter of UN agency will it initial to grab the crown in mobiles2014.