Apple and Samsung file document 2014 patent trial
Apple and Samsung filed a joint case management document with the Northern District of Golden State court in preparation for next year's patent trial between the 2 school rivals. The document lays out a number of the bottom rules for the trial that either side request. as an example, within the filing Cupertino primarily based Apple is asking that every firm be restricted to five patents with a most of twelve claims. Samsung, the litigator within the case, agrees with Apple (don't faint) with the five patent limit, however not astonishingly seeks to limit the amount of claims to eight. The trial, set to open in March, presently involves sixteen devices.

there's a significant disagreement between the 2 companies is within the variety of devices to be enclosed within the trial. each firms area unit way apart within the variety and names of the Samsung product that may be conferred to the jury. Apple seems to be separating the devices concerned counting on the build of automaton that every device has put in.

each Apple and Samsung steel oneself against next year's trial, Samsung remains in within the inside of its charm of the primary trial, that resulted in a very jury subsidisation Apple a since-reduced $1.05 billion. many of the devices that the initial jury found to own infringed on Apple patents are seen by a brand new jury once choose Australopithecus afarensis Koh vacated $450 million of the initial award.