Analyst: Apple iPhone 5S , low cost iPhone and Apple iPad mini 2 stock plunges
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says that Apple might be facing a handful of dissatisfactory earnings reports ahead. Misek says that Apple is being forced to delay the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S, the low price version of the Apple iPhone and also the Apple iPad mini two. Misek incorporates a totally different reason for the delay of every device that comes once his recent visit to the Far East.

According to the analyst, the Apple iPhone 5S has pre-production problems. Mass-production of the phone is a minimum of a month away, Misek declared. in conjunction with the delay in iOS seven, he says a Gregorian calendar month launch of successive iteration of the iPhone is out of the question. He conjointly says that there's no probability that we'll see the Apple iPhone half dozen in civil year 2013. That last purpose could be a bit odd since nobody had expected the iPhone half dozen till 2014.

The low price version of the Apple iPhone, expected to be created for rising markets like China and Asian nation, is currently delayed and Misek sees a this fall launch a chance. Lastly, issues that Apple's partners ar having manufacturing tissue layer show screens for successive Apple iPad mini may lead to a launch later within the second quarter than originally thought. Raising the resolution on the iPad mini was a vital target for Apple since the 1024 x seven68 resolution screen on the present 7.9 in. device incorporates a rather poor element density of 162ppi.

The combination of the doable product delays and a weak market disturbed by domestic events, pushed Apple concisely beneath $400 earlier on Wednesday. The stock, that hit a fifty two week high last Sep twenty first at $705 on the launch of the Apple iPhone five, is currently commercialism at $401, down quite five-hitter on the day, or $25. Wednesday's low was $398.11 that could be a new fifty two week low.