Acer Liquid E1 2014 

First time we were adept to glimpse Acer Liquid E1 at the MWC show and now we are consigning full report about this device. We are getting one attractive much entry level device that boasts Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with some pleasant characteristics.

The Acer Liquid E1 is a fairly light and compact telephone, that feels attractive well in the hand, thanks to the soapy form with tapered back and the rounded bends. It still departs a tad chunky effect, and the back cover is made of patterned artificial, but is a bit slippery nonetheless.

The circular frontal form and red speaker grills recall of HTC’s unibody designs, but the Acer fluid E1 actually sports a removable back cover that discloses a swappable 1760 mAh battery, microSD business card slot, and in our unit – two SIM business card slots.

The power/lock key up peak is painted in red as well, but not the metallic volume rocker on the right, whose tactile feedback departs certain thing to be yearned.

A 540 x 960 pixels 4.5” display of the LCD kind ensures a decent 245ppi pixel density. Colors are well comprised, but the TFT panel doesn’t have the best examining twists, and brightness plus compare diminish quite a bit after the 45 degree assess.

The screen could use a bit more brightness outside under direct sunlight, too, yet it’s still on the mean side, so you don’t have to shade the computer display with your palm to glimpse what’s going on in very wide daylight.

Interface and functionality
Acer hasn’t coated the Android interface too much, providing an almost stock imagery, entire with on-screen navigational buttons.

in addition to the connectivity toggles in the notification bar, a twosome of climate widgets, and a twosome of specific apps for the AcerCloud service, the supply Android feeling sprints uninterrupted on the fluid E1. Acer also didn’t hassle reinventing the wheel, and is just using Swype as the default keyboard on the telephone2014.

Acer Cloud warrants a separate mention here, as it is the company’s effort for a storage and syncing service, and spans from docs through pics, to melodies and video files. You can, for example, set your dwelling computer as a “Cloud PC”, and get access to its contents on your telephone from universal, AcerCloud will uyftfuwake it up for you. Acer’s Docs app syncs your revised documents from your PC to your phone and back. You can furthermore conceive melodies and video playlists, and stream them down to your teletelephone by AcerCloud, or browse images retained in another place.

Processor and recollection
The 1 GHz dual-core MediaTek processor that is so popular in entry grade Androids these days is running the display on the Acer Liquid E1, with interface and app performance that is usable for your everyday jobs, yet feels sluggish contrasted to most modern chipsets, which is verified with the unremarkable benchmarks underneath.

The handset has the staple for a mid-ranger nowadays 1 GB of RAM, double-checking the possibility for a decent number of simultaneously open apps. Acer provides just 4 GB of interior storage, but you can always expand it by the microSD slot.

Internet and connectivity
The stock browser is a bit slow to redraw the sheet upon zooming in or out, but scrolling and panning round seem sufficiently fast. Acer has supplied Chrome, too, but it doesn’t support Adobe blink, whereas the other browser can take advantage of sideloaded blink from Adobe’s archives.

The Acer fluid E1 sports 14.4 Mbps 3G modems, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS wireless, without any fancier stuff like DLNA or NFC. In the Duo type two regular SIM cards are supported, which let you snare up to two carrier systems at one time, and receive incoming call on one, while talking on the other line, or use the facts and figures connection of the one you select with a simple tap on the notification bar swap.

The telephone brags a 5 MP camera with directed blink on the back, as well as a front-facing shooter for video chat. The camera interface is very simple, with large and very simple to press buttons, and a gigantic virtual shutter key. The camera app sports an impressive array of arrest modes, encompassing HDR, Panorama and Continuous shots, many view modes, and a couple of color consequences.

The pictures themselves, although, turned out supple to the issue of blurry, and white balance measurements were off in high compare areas, making the atmosphere appear purple. hue representation is a tad colder than truth, and the phone captures minutia more akin to a 2MP camera rather than of the 5MP shooter it brags.

Video is apprehended in HD 720p delineation with 30fps, but these are about its only virtues – the footage appears as blurry and needing detail as the stills, and there are skipped borders and artifacts seeming all through.

The gallery is pretty simple, with grid-like thumbnail previews of your photos, and no editing choices from inside the interface. Acer has finished a little trick with zooming, where you need to double-tap on the photograph to enlarge it, while pinching with two fingers actually rotates it round.

We get a basic melodies player, too, with the proficiency to categorize your pieces of music by creative persons, albums, and even genres, and swap for a nice transparent overlay register of all pieces of music in an album on peak of your actually performed one. There are no equalizer presets, but the dual stereo speakers can pump out DTS sound format, which is an alternate to the Dolby wireless or Beats Audio that other Android manufacturers use.

The sound from the dual speaker scheme Acer is touting with the fluid E1 is a tad fuller, and, well, stereo, contrasted to your average smartphone speaker, but the output is rather calm, even at greatest capacity.

There is a versatile video contestant on the phone that runs every well liked format hurled at it, including DivX/Xvid/MKV documents, and up to 1080p delineations at that, whereas the Full HD clips run choppy contrasted to the HD ones.

Call value
Voice value is pretty decent on both finishes with the Acer fluid E1. Sound in the earpiece is blaring and clear, though rather hollow, but with no parasite or hissing disturbances. On the other end they could discover us well, too, without any distortion, or voice alteration.

electric battery
Acer has provided a 1760 mAh electric battery unit interior the Liquid E1, which it lists as sufficient for eight hours of converse time and two weeks of standby, which is underneath the mean, and in reality the electric battery can be drawn out inside the every day usage with a heavier workload. Maintaining attachment for two SIM cards also takes its toll on the electric battery life.

The Acer fluid E1 consigns fine in a allotment of aspects for its sub-$300 cost – it has decent conceive and screen panel, and has good call value, as well as stereo speakers. The drawbacks are the subpar camera outcomes, weakling processor, and the quiet sound output from the dual speaker system for a telephone that brags an additional speaker.

The dual SIM type we had is worth a try as it lets you snare up to two carrier networks at once, and consigns the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience as well as the rest of the dual SIM affray here. Competitors are Galaxy S Duos or the HTC yearn V, which, although, have lesser partitions, as well as for a more direct clash the LG Optimus L7 Dual is arriving, with higher camera resolution and better processor.

As for the rudimentary single SIM Acer Liquid E1, the affray in this $200 and change segment is huge and angry – the LG Optimus L9 arrives to brain, with IPS computer display and bigger battery, or the imminent Samsung Galaxy Express, with the identical screen dimensions, but AMOLED technology and more internal memory. 

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