Sony announces water proof Xperia go tough phone
Water proof and durable phones these days area unit pretty strong and, well, ugly. Sony proofs United States wrong and shows a touchphone that's pretty and waterproof at identical time.
Touch phones are not any alien for Sony. They antecedently proclaimed the Xperia active. With the new Xperia go Sony includes a trustworthy successor. analysis shows that Water Resistance is that the third most significant feature individuals wish on their phone. sadly durable phones are not that sensible wanting, till now.
Even the specs area unit pretty. An 3.5 in. Reality show, five megapixel camera and dualcore one gigahertz processor. The housing is IP67 certified, which means that some water will not destroy your phone. The Xperia go can ship with golem a pair of.3 cake however Sony guarantees associate degree update to frozen dessert Sandwich. Expect the Sony Xperia get in retailers somewhere within the third quarter at associate degree expected retailprice of 299 euros. there'll be 3 totally different colors.