Set up New HTC

 With the new HTC One we’ve made it easier than ever to setup your phone. In fact, you can do all the heavy lifting today and then apply the settings as soon as you get your new phone.
It’s called Get Started** and it’s a new service from HTC that let’s you configure your email and social accounts, wallpaper, home screens, and install some key apps for your new phone.
How does it work? Simply go to and choose your language and phone. From there, it’s easy to follow the on-screen steps to create your own profile or choose from one of the pre-configured profiles that meets your needs.
Get Started Profile ChoiceAfter completing the setup process, save the profile to your HTC or Facebook account and then Get Started will save your settings. Then when you configure your new phone, simply sign-in with your account and Get Started will do the rest.
So why wait? Get ready for your new phone today and set up your new HTC One at HTC Get Started.
**Get Started works with the new HTC One as well as the HTC One X+, One X and One VX.