Samsung opens Samsung Content
Samsung opens Samsung Content a web site that collect your Samsung applications from your TV, pill and smartphone in one web site. you'll be able to use the content page of Samsung by mistreatment your own Samsung account. consistent with Korean news web site ET News Samsung already declared the page taciturnly at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in urban center. for several countries the page continues to be a trifle empty. solely their home country Choson have all applications on that. 2013 Samsung need to focus lots on additional services. consistent with ET News Samsung need to bring associate degree own gambling platform for his or her smartphones, tablets and televisions. Samsung would pay a lot of if the developer can use TIZEN as bades OS. Samsung need to bring this a part of the additional content around Nov that might hint the primary TIZEN phone are going to be discharged before or around that point. consistent with ET News this can be Samsung’s answer on Apple’s iTunes.
Since the primary Galaxy S Samsung brought additional services. Samsung’s own hubs are becoming higher with time. Yesterday SamMobile tried out SamsungLINK the re-creation of Allshare. the general score was pretty sensible. we tend to can’t wait to ascertain Samsung’s initial TIZEN device and the way they're connected with the accounts. it'd be sensible to ascertain one account and not 2 accounts, like we've got currently with Google and Samsung’s own services.