Samsung Galaxy S4 to Supply 1080p Vdeo At 60 Frames Per Second
While it's ne'er been mentioned by Samsung2014 on any of its releases regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4, a unharness place out by chip maker Qualcomm says that the rear-facing 13MP camera on the new flagship mechanical man phone captures video in 1080p at sixty frames per second. this is able to build the model the primary smartphone ever to capture FHD video at such a frame rate. 
 Qualcomm's unharness mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes FHD video at 30fps
But since Samsung has not formally proclaimed these specs, it can be that Qualcomm has created an error. After all, most top-shelf models shoot 1080p video at 30fps and save the 60fps frame rate for 720p video. And there's additional. per Qualcomm, the 2MP front-facing shooter on the Samsung Galaxy S4 captures video at 1080p at 30fps. 

So what's the deal here? Did Samsung2014 unwittingly fail to reveal one thing on the Samsung Galaxy S four that no different smartphone ever has had? that may appear to be a stretch. So then, that may mean that Qualcomm, that most likely is aware of the Galaxy S4 within and out, erroneously overdone the capabilities of the phone. Either scenario appears arduous to believe, however one in every of these theories has got to be right.
We have a decision in to Qualcomm, keep tuned as we tend to attempt to get to all-time low of this .