Review : Samsung ATIV S GT-I8750

The Ativ S is that the new Windows phone eight phone of Samsung. The phone was proclaimed at the IFA in Berlin in august of 2012. throughout this review we have a tendency to of SamMobile can take a glance at the phone and see if it may reach intent on its high expectations.

The Samsung Ativ S conjointly referred to as the GT-I8750 is that the new kid within the Windows Phone eight line up. The Samsung ATIV S is Samsung’s fourth device supported Windows Phone. Samsung already has the Omnia seven, Omnia W and Omnia M, all Windows Phones by Samsung square measure having a pleasant look and feel, however however is that the software system part? throughout this review we'll take a glance at the subsequent points of the phone:

- Specifications
- look and feel
- Interface
- Display
- Camera
- Battery
- Speed
- Conclusion

Look and Feel
One of the foremost astonishing facts of the Ativ S is that the Look and feel, it's AN absolute pure beauty. the colour and also the finishing square measure of 1 of the best standards within the market. this is often fully one amongst the flagships of the Windows Phone eight line. during this section of the review we have a tendency to take a glance at each aspect of the phone.

At the front of the phone you'll be able to realize the terribly huge Super AMOLED and screen, the speaker, the front facing camera, the sensors, the Windows button, the rear button and also the Bing button wherever i will be able to state soon during this review. you'll conjointly realize a brand of the whole.

At the rear you'll realize the eight megapixel camera aboard the light-emitting diode flash. you'll realize alittle “grill” that hides the speaker of the phone. the foremost of the rear is {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} matt end however at the lowest of the phone you'll realize a chunk of shiny silver very elegant. the desire even be some stigmatisation signs of the phone of Samsung and Windows.

When the screen is facing you, you'll realize on the left aspect the quantity rocker, and at the highest you'll realize an additional mike and also the three.5 millimetre Audio Jack. At the correct aspect you discover the on and off button, (and one amongst the most effective things of Windows Phone) the dedicated camera button. At the lowest you'll realize a small USB charging purpose and a mike in addition.

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Samsung2014 is victimisation Windows Phone eight on this phone, this is often the latest version of Windows Phone. after you use it for the primary time you'll realize not that several variations with the opposite version referred to as Windows phone seven. we have a tendency to used a Nokia Lumia 800 thus we are able to compare the 2, and that we still say it's not that swish and glossy as robot or IOS. There square measure several apps coming back to the Windows phone eight atmosphere however we have a tendency to still miss plenty of them within the store. the primary factor the phone asks is that if you've got a Windows Live account, we have a tendency to had one and that i signed in therewith one, however it instantly foreign all our contacts from our account. That wasn't what we have a tendency to wished and it costed North American nation a [*fr1] hour to redo those settings.

The interface is certainly a swish one examination to the older version, it's a very quick and stable software. the house screen is split in squares, referred to as Live Tiles, that you'll be able to order and set it the manner you wish. At these live tiles you'll see live updates of your friends or different updates from third-party apps. one amongst the latest things is that the risk to regulate the dimensions of these live tiles. thus currently you may set four smaller ones on the house screen rather than one huge one.

The whole interface is functioning with swipe gestures and after you square measure at the most screen and you swipe to the left you're in your main screen wherever you'll be able to realize all of your apps and
settings. after you wish to travel back one step you employ the return at the left bottom of the screen. after you wish to travel to the most screen you employ the Windows key. Is sits at the correct from the Bing key , this is often one amongst the foremost annoying things of the phone, as a result of it's barely key it's a awfully sensitive button. after you square measure in AN app this key can override everything and it'll open Bing Search (Windows2014 own looking out engine). undoubtedly a factor to rethink for Ativ S a pair of.

It is doable to enter the kid mode wherever kids square measure allowed to play games on the phone however they can’t enter the settings of the phone, thus your information is safe. after you square measure AN extreme Xbox player it's doable to enter your Xbox live account on your phone and see all of your trophies, that it makes it a lot of attention-grabbing for Xbox live gamers.

Multitasking is merely obtainable for the apps that square measure from Microsoft itself or from sure firms. By pressing the rear button certain 2 seconds you'll open the multitask centre. it's impracticable for different firms to multitask. different factor is that the third-party apps don't seem to be operating that swimmingly because it ought to be, one amongst the foremost ANnoying things is that for an example the Facebook app can scroll back at the highest of the news feed once you’ve scan a post of 1 of your friends.

The interface suits absolutely to the interface on a Windows eight pc, that it makes it a lot of useable if you connect the 2. we've tried it on AN mackintosh pc and also the association failing many times. That’s why I actually have sent my footage to my email through the app.