Pink dual-SIM Xperia SP heading to China medium
Pink Xperia SP_2Sony Mobile formally launched the Xperia L and Xperia SP handsets for the Chinese market earlier nowadays. China Unicom can carry the Xperia SP (M35h), while China medium gets the Xperia SP (M35c) and Xperia L (S36h).
Interestingly, China Telecom’s Xperia SP are going to be on the market in pink, that hasn’t been declared for the west. we have a tendency to get black, red and white silver, however there’s little doubt that the pink would be a beautiful possibility for the women. The M35c version of the Xperia SP supports CDMA and can conjointly go together with (micro) dual-SIM support. See some photos of the pink Xperia SP below
Pink Xperia SP_2
Pink Xperia SP_3
Pink Xperia SP_4