Nokia Lumia Challenge update

We asked and yet again you guys delivered! the newest Nokia Lumia Challenge goes down a storm with over a pair of,000 combine suggestions created thus far. That’s lots of mixes to concentrate to and lots of crazy clashes that ar bound to blow my eardrums as I look for the proper combination.
While I try to hear all the entries, here’s some that have caught my…ears thus far:
Ayush came up with the Crazy P’s Pixie Lott>Pitbull>PSY
(he additionally fictitious a ‘rainbow mix’ to celebrate the colors of Nokia Yellowcard>Aqua>P!nk)
Justo, like such a large amount of of you, took three immensely different genres and came up with Pavarotti>Kanye>Deadmau5
There was some clever work by Simon World Health Organization urged some mixes – the primary letters of the artists spelled….well, I’ll allow you to work it out for yourselves:
N*Sync>Oasis>KISS Incubus>A-Ha>Latryx UB40>Madonna>Iron Maiden Apocaly ptica>911>2Pac ZZ Top>Empire Records>Outkast (to spell ZERO) – currently that’s a play list that's possible to blow your mind!
Keep the approachingyou've got till hour universal time on Tues twenty sixth March, thus get browsing Nokia Music and see if you'll be able to return up with *crazier* mixes than those I simply listed. Then pop them on Twitter victimization Nokia Lumia Challenge.