New Mobiles Sony Xperia2014
 Announced "Sony Mobile2014" for the launch of her new good "Xperia E Dua214l", within the Egyptian market, that supports 2 tranches, and has blessings and distinctive characteristics to fulfill the wants of looking for fun and complicated style and luxuriate in the potential humanoid monumental, additionally to its competitive value which suits segments of the many society. She Sony that her new enjoys specifications super potentialities wonderful, surprising be thrown sturdy demand from several teams within the Egyptian market, particularly because it supplier the likelihood of victimization 2 slices rather than one chip, giving preference between competitive service, as a result of it'll save the client carry quite one device and sufficiency one device to finish their communications across completely different networks. The Sony same in a very statement that her intelligent Xperia E twin, are fascinating between brands different international and which give support for the utilization of 2 tranches, wherever enjoys fashionable style and enticing colours and tremendous potential, together with that running "Android2014", and screen measure three.5 inches and accurately 480 × 320 pixels, and contains a processor mono-core frequency one gigacycle per second, and RAM 512 MB, additionally contains a camera prime quality preciseness three.2 megapixel, additionally thereto he supports the technology to form calls sound HD with property noise cancellation for higher sound and clearer. She stressed that the phone Xperia E twin can accompany a replica humanoid four.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwitch", spoken communication that it's keen to launch phone at cheap costs to change its customers within the Egyptian market chance to induce a sensible phone and luxuriate in بامكانياته tremendous to permit them a good expertise from the utilization of mobile and communicate with friends via sites Social networking, additionally to capturing pictures with high-definition technology to record happy reminiscences. connected News