iOS 6.1.3 battery drain fix required for iPhone homeowners
iPhone homeowners ar adjustment a lot of iOS half-dozen.1.3 battery drain issues these days, claiming that the most recent update for his or her Apple smartphone has resulted during a shortened battery life.

"After 'upgrading' to six.1.3 a couple of days past I actually have been experiencing major battery drain," wrote Apple Support forum poster Joe, United Nations agency aforementioned he tried all of the cheap solutions denote.

"It's debilitating regarding one p.c each seven minutes however that is with the phone not in use. In distinction, last week before the update i might charge my phone at midnight (and on on a daily basis while not use) it might still be around ninety nine p.c."

Joe is not the solely iPhone owner experiencing the iOS half-dozen.1.3 battery drain fault and hard a fix. This explicit message board post has one hundred seventy five replies and fourteen,777 Views in beneath per week.

Worse, there ar thirty a lot of threads dedicated to battery evacuation that have gone up within the Apple Support Communities forum since iOS half-dozen.1.3 was free.

The good news is that whereas iPhone five and iPhone 4S homeowners have created up a majority of these beset by battery withdraw issues, iPad four and iPad mini homeowners appear to be within the clear for the foremost half.
More iOS 6.1.3 glitches

iOS 6.1.3 managed to plug security holes that iOS prison-breaking hackers were taking advantage of to put in custom code, yet as offer a lockscreen fix.

However, additionally to the battery drain issues, users have uncovered a brand new lockscreen fault, one that permits for unauthorized access to contacts and photos even with the passcode screen enabled.

Apple hasn't had a serious iOS update while not a rash of complaints in it slow, and battery drain problems are the supply of the matter before.

iOS 6.0.2 notably affected new iPhone five homeowners when the update, and before that, iOS five battery evacuation problems caused Apple to unleash a patch by the manner of iOS five.0.1.

And it looks as if Apple is running into issues on all fronts, as its ballroom dancing verification feature exposed users' Apple ID, iCloud, and iTunes accounts to a serious arcanum reset flaw last week.

Apple has nevertheless to retort to a TechRadar inquiry into the iOS half-dozen.1.3 fault or whether or not or not iOS half-dozen.1.4 is on its manner.

However, successive update currently must address 2 issues - battery drain and lockscreen fault two.0 - for the showing emotion and technologically drained iPhone homeowners.