HTC One delay Ultrapixel Camera
The real perpetrator for the delay appears to be the flamboyant new ultrapixel camera on the HTC One
Reports coming back from The Wall Street Journal suggests that the delay of the HTC One smartphone may be owing to shortage of the 4MP 'Ultrapixel' camera on the smartphone. the information apparently was discovered by Associate in Nursing HTC government World Health Organization most popular to be anonymous .

WSJ claims that HTC has bother obtaining the required parts for the flamboyant new camera, that is inflicting the delay in launch. this is often the very last thing HTC may have hoped for because the company is in turmoil because it is.

The reason why HTC is not obtaining the specified parts is as a result of the suppliers have stripped off the 'tier one' client tag from HTC. when the losses according last year, the corporate hardly had something to cheer concerning. thus it's no surprise that the suppliers have lost their religion within the Taiwanese manufacturer.

it's unfortunate that the corporate had to lose its tier one standing from suppliers, however somewhere down the road it's HTC's fault. the corporate is presently suspending launch dates in many components of the globe.
In a twinkling of an eye from currently, Samsung can begin rolling out the Galaxy S four which is able to definitely be a hot marketer. And to form things worse for HTC, the Sony Xperia Z is already obtainable within the market and it's doing fairly well too.