Heavy Equipment Poses New phone Running Android

Revealed Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) for construction and heavy equipment industry for a new smart phone running Android and equipped for use in difficult conditions.   The new phone carries the name "Cat my 15", which is a phone that can withstand a fall from height of 1.8 meters and immersion in water for a long time at a depth of one meter without being subjected to any damage,   And making the new smartphone from aluminum, as well as a rubber casing that surrounds it, in order to ensure the strength of the phone and carry it to the arduous conditions of use.   It can handle the phone screen with a size 4 inch wet fingers where they are supported by a layer of glass " Glass 2" shock resistance, in order to withstand hard use.   The new phone is available in the market as of this month, priced at $ 430, which is equipped with a processor dual-core speeds of 1 GHz.