BlackBerry Q10 vs Nexus 4 

When Nexus four was launched it delivered fantastic hardware and whole package at unbelievably low worth. it's time to be compared with BlackBerry Q10 that's formed and developed in an exceedingly entirely completely different direction.

BlackBerry Q10
One of the very nice things regarding the new BlackBerry models is that the build quality seems to be nice. The BlackBerry Q10 uses a ‘glass weave’ rough back panel and if it’s something just like the BlackBerry Z10 in terms of the materials used and therefore the match and end it'll be a satisfying device to handle.

So far we have a tendency to just like the undeniable fact that BB10′s multitasking, notifications and communications area unit such a central side and simply accessible at any time. the amount of apps is fairly low compared to mechanical man however as a place to begin seventy,000 is spectacular and every one the large names area unit there at the side of a large catalogue of authorized transmission.

The amount of aboard storage is good at one6GB whereas the 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM ought to deliver sensible performance, being well-optimised with the BlackBerry ten software system.

A particular department compared to the Nexus four is that the BlackBerry Q10 options expandable microSD storage for high-capacity cards up to 64GB.

Nexus 4: Key specs and what’s hot
The Nexus 4’s show comes out as a desirable possibility, attributable to the actual fact that there’s solely a ten pixel-per-inch (ppi) distinction however it's significantly larger at four.7-inches to the BlackBerry Q10’s three.1-inches and 330ppi.

A ‘True HD’ 1280×768 constituent resolution and IPS and show technology additionally facilitate deliver a satisfying image quality with fantastic color and brightness.

Inside the Nexus four may be a quad-core Qualcomm flower S4 APQ8064 processor chip clocked at one.5Gz with AN Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

This is a veritable powerhouse once it involves multitasking and running intensive apps, transmission and recreation. It goes while not expression that this additionally handles general running and UI navigation of mechanical man with ease.

The 16GB cupboard space may be a fairly sensible quantity to possess (there’s additionally AN 8GB variant, however we have a tendency to won’t waver that).

A big pull of the Nexus four or so any Nexus device is that the up-to-date stock mechanical man build loaded onto it. this is often mechanical man because it ought to be with no interference from fussy UIs. It’s fast, sleek and stable with a slick interface, helpful multitasking and therefore the good thing about over 700,000 apps to decide on from.

The Nexus 4’s build quality is kind of high and it feels superior within the hand. Premium rubber-coated plastics meet with a glass back panel for AN overall pleasing setup – though we've got to admit the glitter impact may be a very little avant-garde for USA.

Points to consider: sensible use
Well, does one desire a smaller, additional compact French telephone with a physical keyboard? If therefore, the BlackBerry Q10 may be precisely what you’re once.

The device itself is solid with sensible internal hardware and what seems to be a comprehensive, well-thought-out and well-found software.

With that aforementioned, the Nexus four is that the additional engaging smartphone in our read (ignoring the glitter for a moment) and for the low-price the premium specification line-up is difficult to beat.

The process power is finest stuff and therefore the show is nice. Our solely gripe would be the shortage of microSD support.

Android additionally has AN nearly irresistible attract – it simply keeps convalescing with each new edition and is currently in its prime. The app alternative is huge and everything works well whereas well-to-do.

The BlackBerry Q10 may be a terribly all-around device with an honest specification and build. BlackBerry has nevertheless to verify the value of the Q10 however we have a tendency to expect it to retail as a premium French telephone.

The Nexus four includes a additional modern touch-only type issue, a premium specification and a well-established system with mechanical man. most significantly tho', you get all this at a really low worth purpose.

You can see however we’d suppose the Nexus 4 is additional simply counseled.

That’s to not discount the BlackBerry Q10 tho', if you prefer what you see of BlackBerry ten then about to|it should} somewhat be well worth the higher tag however this is often going to come back all the way down to personal preference.

There’s additionally the BlackBerry Z10 to think about if you would like BlackBerry ten with AN all-touch style.