BlackBerry Q10 now available in Canada
Following an equivalent route taken by the all-touch BlackBerry Z10 once that phone launched earlier this year, the BlackBerry Q10 is currently offered in Canada. Following a awfully sure-fire weekend launch within the U.K. wherever the QWERTY model was in significant demand, the Q10 will currently be found at Canadian carriers TELUS, Rogers and Bell for $199.99 with a signed 3 year contract. Off-contract, the value of the device is within the $650-$700 vary.

Canadian retailers like Walmart and Future look ought to even have the phone offered. If the reception for the BlackBerry Q10 in Canada is something almost like however the unit was received at U.K. merchandiser Selfridges, BlackBerry can have an enormous hit on its hands. diode by lasting BlackBerry users United Nations agency square measure at home with employing a physical keyboard, the Q10 became the quickest merchandising client physical science product ever at Selfridges. The U.K. merchandiser had Associate in Nursing exclusive on the device over the weekend.

In the U.S., the phone
is predicted to launch someday this month on all four major carriers. At the last moment, T-Mobile determined to supply the model when originally about to watch from the sidelines. whereas the carrier hasn't aforementioned why it modified its mind, any reason for such a move would need to be positive for the model. it's expected that within the states, an outsized range of BlackBerry users are change from their older 'Berry to the BlackBerry Q10.