Apple may bring a "flatter" UI with next iteration of iOS 
Reports area unit indicating that Apple is planning ensuing major unleash of the iOS OS to be easier than before.

This could mean that a UI overhaul is on the cards, that are a few things that everyone has been trying forward to.

The developers UN agency got an opportunity to converse with Apple staff UN agency were aware of the matter mentioned that Apple goes for a blandish UI style this point around.

While this is often actually excellent news, it will tell America that we tend to should not expect any major changes with the UI.

And if rumors are any indication, ensuing iteration of the iPhone won't bring any major changes to the table, that successively means Apple won't build large changes to iOS also.

Regardless of the changes, a UI overhaul has been thirstily expected by several. If my Mainemory serves me right, the iOS style team hasn't very created large changes to the UI since the terribly initial version of iOS came out with the iPhone back in 2007.

There are minor tweaks created to the system, in terms of however the devices perform and the way the OS interacts with the users. however the UI has just about remained an equivalent, a minimum of with regards to the house screen.

Apple's hardware and software package team area unit according to be operating along on this new venture, that ought to bring nice results for the corporate. therefore let's hope we tend to get to examine nice things from Apple within the current year. And if the rumor mill is something to travel by, we'd even have a coffee price iPhone for the primary time within the company's history .