Android application malicious
Security knowledgeable warned Russian protection company "Kaspersky" collector good phones with the robot OS from the emergence of application store Google pleasure seeker named Superclean longer smartphone users clean utterly redundant knowledge however it really carries malicious software system. And this application will transfer all the contents of the Coyote State memory card and system knowledge and every one SMS messages (SMS), contacts and pictures2114 to the server the corporate behind this application. additionally this program could send short text messages (SMS) or erased or decision malicious internet sites within the web browser and install malicious software system on the smartphone. If the user connect the smartphone put in this application to a laptop with autorun operate (Autorun) to the USB port, this application is harmful is transmitted to the pc, يسترق hearing through the inbuilt electro-acoustic transducer. And transferring recorded audio files conjointly to Server application developer. Applications have emerged with names similar spy like Droidcleaner in Google PlayStation store and alternative software system transfer sites .