Amazon phone unleash date, news and rumors 
 With the runaway success of Amazon2014's Kindle fireplace pill - the media-happy device owns over 0.5 the mechanical man pill market - it appears solely natural that the corporate would intercommunicate smartphones next.
Amazon's strategy of putt all its media content directly into consumers' hands has puzzled out well thus far, thus would not the metropolis company take successive logical step?

Like the Kindle fireplace, associate degree Amazon smartphone would be a veritable home-shopping network - replete with Kindle books, mechanical man apps and Amazon Prime video - solely as a phone2014, thus it might be the sole device users would really want.

Given the anticipation that is engineered up around a product that is not even sure to exist, we have a tendency to patterned it wise compile all the rumors and speculation in one place.
Amazon phone to hedge its bets with an affordable four.7-inch show

According to Digitimes, thus referred to as "industry provide chain sources" have place a ruler to the Amazon Phone. they assert the phone can have a four.7-inch show, which might place it in between associate degree iPhone five and a Galaxy S4 once it involves visual assets.

This supposed reality, combined with a reported low damage, suggests that Amazon goes for the casual smartphone user, one United Nations agency doesn't wish to pay a fortune and would love to be ready to carry the phone in their pocket with ease.
Amazon phone can miss reported Q2 2014 unleash date, still wanting sort of a Foxconn product

It's all still the things of rumors, however previous rumblings pegged the Amazon Phone (or perhaps Kindle Phone) as inward within the second quarter of 2013. currently it's as if that point can create a pleasant whooshing noise at blows past.

Somewhat disreputable producing mogul Foxconn is claimed to get on deck to supply the inexpensive device. Its subsidiary proclaim school created the initial Kindle fireplace and currently produces the Kindle fireplace HD, the Kindle Paperwhite, thus it might be no shock in any respect to envision the 2 collaborate on the project.

As so much as what is inflicting the delay, a report at Digitimes blames the "engineering verification trial period attributable to problems associated with its mobile platform," voice communication that the method, "has not been as swish needless to say."

This is stunning, given the nice deal of expertise Foxconn and its partners have during this field. it's U.S.A. questioning what Amazon might have up its sleeve that is creating the phone such a hassle. As always, rumors area unit like low-cost takeout; they simply going away you hungry for additional.
Foxconn to manufacture Amazon phone for summer 2013 unleash date

This may well be the foremost concrete rumor nonetheless relating to the Amazon phone. purportedly the net retail big has inked a take care of Foxconn to manufacture its 1st smartphone. business insiders additionally expect a summer 2013 unleash.

According to the reports, the phone might also have a dirt-cheap damage of $100-200 (around £60-120/AU$95-190). this might fall in step with Amazon's strategy with its Kindle fireplace HD and Kindle Paperwhite line, devices sold at extremely competitive costs so as to urge customers finance in Amazon's media library.

While the involvement of Foxconn isn't stunning, since the corporate has become a prolific manufacturer of all things electronic, it's somewhat perturbing given its name for overworked, hanging workers. perhaps the Amazon phone are one in all the primary devices assembled in yank Foxconn factories?
Amazon Phone rumors take fire

Rumors of associate degree Amazon Phone began to catch on in late 2011, once analysts began predicting the Amazon Phone's existence, despite a scarcity of exhausting proof.

That hard proof, by the way, still hasn't created associate degree look, however that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning away.

Kicking things off, analyst firm CitiGroup according that it discovered the existence of the then-unheard of Amazon Phone through its "supply chain channel checks in Asia."

Analyst Mark Mahaney semiconductor diode the Amazon Phone charge, proclaiming that the owner was in collusion with disreputable Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to make the device.

Other analysts agreed: "A smartphone would be a logical next step for Amazon," ABI Research's Aapo Markkanen told Wired in could.

"The lock-in impact of a good content scheme should not be under-estimated," he continued .

Bloomberg fed additional fuel to the Amazon Phone fireplace in July, once its anonymous sources ("people with information of the matter") confirmed that Amazon and Foxconn remained exhausting at work on the smartphone.

Further, identical report claimed that Amazon is busy signboard as several wireless patents as potential to defend itself from the inevitable infringement suits that follow any small indefinite quantity of success within the market.
Windows Phone executives board the great ship Amazon

The summer heat should have helped the Amazon Phone fires unfold, as July gave birth to yet one more bout of speculation once 2 Windows Phone vets joined Amazon.

First Brandon Watson left the Windows Phone team to become Amazon's director of Kindle cross platform, then parliamentarian Williams, antecedently Windows Phone's senior director of business development, joined Amazon as its app store director.

Of course, the mere indisputable fact that the 2 antecedently worked on Windows Phone in no approach evidenced that Amazon had brought them on to figure on its own phone - once more} again, it is not that so much of a stretch, is it?

To additional tend the flames, it appeared toward the top of July that Amazon's innovation center - science laboratory 126 - had been hiring employees to develop new mobile devices that may run on wireless carriers' networks.

In alternative words: associate degree Amazon Phone. Imagine that.
Amazon Phone unleash date

In CitiGroup's original 2011 report, the firm expected that the Amazon Phone unleash date would fall in this autumn 2012, although that is wanting less and fewer seemingly the longer passes while not a peep from Amazon.

That doesn't mean it is not planning to happen, of course, however alternative rumors since then are somewhat less optimistic regarding the Amazon Phone unleash date.

Less than every week when Bloomberg's report that Amazon and Foxconn still had their collective noses to the stone, another supply (this one from Amazon's element suppliers) told the Wall Street Journal that the owner was already testing Amazon Phone prototypes.

That report claimed that the device might move into production throughout the last half of 2012, which the Amazon phone unleash might fall in late 2012 or early 2013.
Amazon Phone value

From the start, speculators foreseen that associate degree Amazon Phone would hit the low finish of the worth spectrum.

In part, it's assumed that Amazon would sell the device wholesale (or perhaps even at a loss) so as to additional expand its digital content distribution.

Every combine of hands holding associate degree Amazon Phone comes with eyes, ears and a notecase, after all.

CitiGroup analyst Kevin Chang Jiang same in 2011, "For a standard whole like HTC, they have to cost the merchandise at $243 to form thirty p.c profit margin. If Amazon is truly willing to lose some cash on the device, the worth gap can be even larger."

That means the Amazon Phone value might sink as low as $170 or maybe $150, although Amazon would sure as shooting structure the distinction somehow - rather like it will with the Kindle fireplace.
Amazon Phone specs

There's been very little speculation regarding the Amazon Phone's specific hardware options, considering there is nonetheless to be any official word - or maybe a meagerly leaked example image - to travel off of.

But the WSJ's supply claimed that the Amazon Phone's screen size would fall somewhere between four inches and five inches, putting it right in line with high mechanical man phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

The Amazon Phone would a minimum of ought to perform to a tolerable degree to faithfully stream content and be integrated with Amazon's varied media and cloud services, and also the higher the resolution, the additional engaging the device would be for streaming video.