NEXT DoCoMo Series Xperia TM GX SO-04D

"DoCoMo NEXT Xperia Series TM for reservation of GX SO-04D "
"DoCoMo NEXT Series Xperia TM Prior to the launch of the GX SO-04D ", will accept a reservation from (Thursday) August 2, 2012.
Booking period
August 2, 2012 - the day before sales start (Thursday)
Channel reception
DoCoMo shops nationwide
Shop by DoCoMo, the number of reception is different. For more information, please contact docomo each shop.
Reservations online at DoCoMo shops are not available.
Implementation, such as mass merchandisers reservations existence, in a non-dealer DoCoMo DoCoMo shops may vary by store, please contact us at each store.
WEB accepted
Done from noon (Thursday) August 2, 2012 to accept members from the WEB for "My docomo shop". The reception is carried out at my shop DoCoMo information page of My docomo.
(Another window will open) My docomo shop information to
You must have "docomo ID / password" Sign up now.
Receipt of the items that were accepted my reservation information DoCoMo shop, as long as your over-the-counter DoCoMo shop has been a member since my shop.
How to use reservation details of the WEB " (Another window will open) Product For reservations please check "the.
Sales start date is scheduled for (Thursday) August 9, 2012. Finalized, will be announced separately.
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Service features and specifications
The main services and functions
FOMA high-speed (when receiving: 5.7Mbps: when sending 14Mbps /)
Wi-Fi (LAN wireless)Non-waterproof
Mobile wallet
Non-SegNon-NOTTVNon-compliant infrared communication function
Wi-Fi tethering
GPS (GPS-enabled / overseas with auto GPS)
docomo Palette UI
Just put a non-charging
sp mode (for backup phone book)
d menu
d Market
Concier talking
i concier
DoCoMo map navigation (the app map)
DoCoMo net drive
WORLD WING (Class 4)
DoCoMo scan peace of mind
Area Mail
Deliver voice services for disaster
i Bodymo

Communication speed is a maximum value at the time of sending and receiving on the technical standards and does not indicate the actual communication speed. Will be provided by best-effort method, the actual transmission speed will vary depending on the communication environment or network congestion.
For more information about the area that corresponds to the Xi area " (Kurosshi~i) Xi service area please check ".
"Xi" is out (Kurosshi~i) area, also available in FOMA area.
"Xi" even in the (Kurosshi~i) area, you may be in communication by radio wave condition FOMA.
FOMA is in the area, will be Terms and Conditions of FOMA.
Even within the FOMA high-speed area, some locations may be up to 384Kbps and communication transmission and reception.
"For more information about the area that supports up to 5.7Mbps when sending, to 2.0Mbps FOMA high-speed please check ".
Key Specifications
Dimension (11.6mm at the thickest part about) 10.5mm thickness of about 69mm × 131mm × height of about a width of about
Mass About 127g
Continuous standby time 3G (when stationary [Auto]) Approximately 380 hours
Continuous standby time LTE (when stationary [Auto]) Approximately 270 hours
Continuous standby time GSM (when stationary [Auto]) Approximately 300 hours
Continuous talk time (3G/GSM) About 400 minutes / 400 minutes approx.
The main display (the number of color / type / alias • The number of size / dot) Color / 16770000 1280 dots LCD · HD / TFT 4.6 inches horizontal × vertical 720 dots / about
Sub-display (number of color / type / size / number dot)
External memory (maximum support capacity) microSD (2GB)
microSDHC (32GB)
Outside the camera function (the number of recording pixels / effective pixels) (About 13 million / 12.8 million approximately) CMOS camera
Inside the camera function (the number of recording pixels / effective pixels) (Approximately 1.3 million / 1.2 million) CMOS camera
Battery capacity 1700mAh
CPU (/ clock chip) MSM8960/1.5GHz dual-core
OS Android TM 4.0