Fitur dan Harga: Nokia 700 Smartphone

Nokia 700 is one of the Symbian mobile phone Belle of the three that launched some time ago. Nokia 700 claims himself as a most compact phones on the market today with a smart phone measures 110 x 50.7 x 9.7mm and weighs only 96 grams. And there appears to be a small speaker on the bottom of the body. Nokia 700 was an elegant body with the look of metal / metal that looked solid.

Nokia 700 has a screen that is more stable because it uses the type AMOLED nHD resolution. For the camera, still the same as the Nokia 600 that use the 5mp camera and fixed focus with LED flash. Nokia 700 is also capable of recording 720p video. Talk of internal storage capacity, the Nokia 700 provides space and existing 2Gb microSD slot as well.
nokia 700
Nokia 700 has a pentaband radio, WiFi and up to HSUPA 3G data transfer, it is also a 1 GHz processor equipped with GPS, a compass, Bluetooth and an FM radio.Ponsel can survive on standby for 465 hours and talk-7jam time.

Nokia 700 of approximately 270 euros or 3.3 million dollars.