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By: Notes From The Frugal TrenchesI have long held the belief that a simple, frugal and green life isn't about following a script or ticking off certain things on a list. A simple life in the country isn't so simple if you spend your time yelling, constantly bargain hunting or feeding a tv addiction. A simple life doesn't mean you have to keep pigs and bees or make every single meal from scratch.

Looking to the past

Aurora @ Island Dreaming

The problems that the world has begun to face (whether consciously or not for the majority) - financial, energy and resource descent, and an increasingly unpredictable climate - signal the onset of a decline in material living standards for many of us - a sizeable number of whom have got used to ever increasing levels of consumption and material wealth over the past

Outdoors and our kids

by EilleenConsumption RebellionHello everyone!In my personal blog, I am running a competition for the National Tree Day campaign which is tomorrow. Did you know that:- only 13% of our children play outdoors more often than indoors?- only 35% if our children play outdoors everyday?- 1 in 10 children play outside once a week or less?* Source of above statistics:

* Lighten Our Load * Wednesday 12 - 6pm, July 27th + Campfire on Sunday, July 31st

A couple semi trucks of our product left the property today to a new warehouse spot, thanks to Jay, a very kind vendor and our Hay & Straw container is heading out tomorrow. It has been a complex and long month of moving, light at the tunnel's end is near. We are almost done digging out and moving our big herd of shop plants from the garden. We just finished sorting the flower bulb crates and

Making Peace with Tomato Horn Worms

By: Chiot's RunWhen I first started growing tomatoes I used to pick off the tomato or tobacco hornworms and squish them with a rock. Then one year I missed one and spotted it with the tiny white eggs from a parasitic wasp on it's back. Ever since then I've made peace with the hornworms in my garden. I never pick them off or do anything to get rid of them. They get to eat some tomatoes leaves

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