Cooking Light, Beltaine + Tomatoes!

Sunday is May 1st, May Day & Beltaine! The sun is midway between spring equinox and summer solstice, a beautiful, fertile time and perhaps this year.... a 70 degree day.Today looks like it might reach 60 and that's sweet, too. We do have our first herd of tomatoes in for you, strong and smelling of summer. We are keeping them under a low plastic hoop house at night and recommend you either


Posted by Belfrom Spiral GardenEarly sunsets and nature’s bounty set the mood for family feasts.Gathering together is the theme of autumn. Traditionally, it is the time when we store food for winter, close up our homes and spend more time indoors. The Autumn Equinox was on 21 March 2011 (in the southern hemisphere) - a wonderful time to unite with friends for a harvest feast. It is a time of

Emmental Cheese

by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

Last year, I made my first Emmentaler cheese.  Here is a before shot that I took during eye formation.

When it was sufficiently aged, we cracked open the wheel and this is what we found.

There was a 3cm (1.5 inch) split on the top and it was slightly infected with Penicillin Roquefort, however the Propioni Shermanii culture did its work (this makes

Italian parsley & strawberries: companion plants?

by Francesca @ FuoriBorgoLast week I finished clearing out my garden of all the annual and winter crops - a task I do each year around Easter time, following the local tradition connected to the agricultural cycle (here). I had already pulled up the winter cabbages and leeks (here), and the radicchio (which I'm going to write about next time), while leaving the chard and the parsley for

Happy Sunday!

Yes we are open 10 to 6pm today! Stocked full of everything fun for you: 19 Breeds of chicks and pullets, lots of new tools, hundreds of seed varieties, pet food, feed, organic fertilizers, books!, a beautiful selection of flowers, herbs, veggies, sedums, natives, nut and fruit trees, berries, honey, chocolate truffles.... mmm : )Bumblefina and Fizz Gig give feathery and furry smooches xox

Water water everywhere?

Aurora at Island Dreaming

April showers bring May flowers, or so the poem goes. Except that it hasn't rained here for the past two and a half weeks. This, coupled with temperatures that (as our national newspapers love to keep reminding us) currently rival the Mediterranean, has come to a head over the holiday weekend in the form of long traffic queues heading towards the coast as the whole

The Repeated Refrains of Nature

by Chiot's RunThere is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after the winter.- Rachel Carson (The Sense of Wonder)In the spring I am deeply appreciative of the "repeated refrains of nature" as Rachel Carson calls them. When you live in a climate with long cold winters the assurance that spring will come eventually

Trying to Get Caught Up

by Throwback at Trapper CreekI was hoping to come up with an informative post, or some snappy tutorial for my post this week. But I just can't seem to get caught up with spring time jobs. Our cool temperatures and constant rain have us about 3 weeks behind schedule compared to last year.The first week of grazing is behind us and the cows and I have settled into our new schedule.My mid-April

Creative Ways To Save Money On Food

By: Notes From The Frugal TrenchesWe've all heard some of the best ways to save money on food include: shopping with a list, planning your meals, taking a lunch to work, bringing cash to the supermarket and rarely eating out. All of those have lowered my own grocery budget significantly. But recently I wanted to cut my grocery budget by another 35% in order to live on an "Extreme Frugality"

Potatoes, Tools & Ducklings!

More certified organic spotatoes in: Yukon Gem, All Reds, Yellow Finns and Russian Banana Fingerlings!More Tools! More broadforks, soil blockers, Glaser Stirrup Hoes in 3.5", 5" and 7", Trapezoid Hoes, Narrow Collinear Hoes, more Earthway Seeders, Stockton Heath Digging Forks, Spears & Jackson Spades, Pruning Sharpeners, more Felcos, Diamond Sharpening Hones, Victorinox Knives and more. Enroute

Celebrate the Future

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmPractically all holidays celebrate the past, commemorating historical events or people. However, there is one holiday that looks to the future. Arbor Day, originating here in the United States in 1872, celebrates the planting of trees. While your local date may vary, according to climate zones and planting seasons, here in the U.S. most Arbor Day celebrations are held

.: OBAT KUAT V6 TIAN HERBAL 10/BTOL HP.081213553687

Judul*:OBAT KUAT V6 TIAN HERBAL 10/BTOL HP.081213553687
email anda:moya14.jpg
Isi Iklan*:V6 Tian berkhasiat mengatasi ejakulasi dini, kandungan sperma sedikit, sperma encer dan minim saat berejakulasi, hitungan protozoanya minim dan lemah (menyebabkan isteri sulit hamil), disfungsi ereksi dan gairah sex menurun tajam. Penis kecil dan pendek, sakit pinggang, dengkul kropos dan nyeri, kaki dan tangan serta tubuh serasa tak bertenaga, telinga berdenging & pendengaran berkurang. Keringat dingin di malam hari dan sering banyak kencing yang mengganggu kenyenyakan tidur. Kelenjar prostat meradang dan fungsi ginjal menurun dikarenakan bermacam-macam sebab.

Komposisi utama ramuan V6 Tian:
kembang merah Tibet, ulat musim dingin menjelang musim panas dari tumbuhan teratai salju, ekor rusa kutub jantan, buah pelir kerbau Tibet, kuda laut dan masih banyak lagi ramuan lain non-kimia yang nampak nya musjkil dan langka tapi memang berkhasiat hebat !

DOSIS PEMAKAIAN: minum hanya 1 kaplet malam hari sebelum tidur untuk pengobatan dengan gejala gejala seperti diuraikan diatas (dengan air putih hangat).Untuk sebelum bersanggama, minum hanya 1 kaplet, sekitar 1/2 sampai 1 jam sebelum berhubungan.


1 Botol isi 10 capsul
Harga : Rp.250.000,-

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We are a nursery in two neat ways...

Nursery for plants: We are growing our plant selection to meet your desires - multiple plant orders landed this week! Big list in the shop, more than what's online and lots of flowers, herbs and veggies arrive two times each week. Nursery for chicks and ducklings: Big batch of baby chicks coming Friday. Ducklings coming this afternoon for special orders and we may have some extras

Alternative Gift Ideas

Posted by Belfrom Spiral GardenIn our home we celebrate the regular holidays of Easter and Christmas, even though they don't particularly fit our belief system or are even seasonally appropriate for us in the Southern Hemisphere.The reasons we choose to celebrate include getting together with family and friends (who do celebrate these holidays0, just for something fun and creative to do, and to

Aztec Gold

written by Gavin from The Greening of Gavin

I have a great many hobbies, but one of my favourites has to be beer making.  Now how could beer making be green, I here you ask?  Well glad you asked.  Have a read of this post titled "Gav's Eco Beer" to get a good understanding of the environmental benefits of making your own beer. 

Anyway, I made up a simple recipe that I found on a the back of a

Bean Chili with Zucchini

I'm having fun with my new lunch boxes. The insulated stainless steel bowl is topped by a small plate before you put the lid on -- just the perfect size for freshly-made corn tortillas from the Mexican grocery!

I warmed the tortillas and layered them with damp paper towels, then filled the bowls with two hot servings of Bean and Vegetable Chili made with extra zucchini and sprinkled with fresh cilantro.

I brought this lunch to my girlfriend who was reading palms at the psychic fair and we ate our little picnic together. We got lots of ooh and aahs at the cuteness of our lunch boxes and how yummy our healthy lunches looked!

T-Mobile G2X Rolls Out on April 15

  T-Mobile G2X Rolls

T-Mobile has officially announced that the LG G2X smartphone will be hitting their retail points beginning April 15.
The T-Mobile G2X is its first dual-core phone. It has 512MB of RAM, Android 2.2, and 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for fast mobile Web browsing, smoother game play, and seamless multitasking. The phone also features a 4-inch touch screen with 480 x

Thoughts on a toothbrush

by Francesca @ FuoriBorgoCan you buy this kind of toothbrush in your country? In Italy, it's hard to find.It's a simple, manual toothbrush. BUT, it comes with interchangeable little heads with bristles, that can be bought separately. When it's time to change your toothbrush, you just remove the old head and clip on a new one. Which means you keep the handle - the bulk of the toothbrush - for

Lessons from the bus stop

By Aurora @ IslandDreaming
One of the joys of public transport is that you regularly end up in conversation with interesting folk you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Waiting at the bus stop yesterday, an elderly lady struck up a conversation with me. I think that she had noticed the gardening magazine in my handbag and the conversation quickly progressed from small talk about the weather to the joys of

Broccoli Piccata

I never thought I would actually CRAVE broccoli, but it's true! I've been craving Broccoli Piccata, steamed broccoli with lemon and capers from my first book. I made it more "Fuhrman-Friendly" by leaving out the oil and salt.

At mealtime I tossed the broccoli with my salad, hummus, and crunchy walnuts.

Layer in the Nutrition

by Chiot's RunThere are many simple steps you can take to layer extra nutrition and nourishment into your food. Spices and herbs are one of the best ways. Many people assume that they just add flavor and don't realize the nutritional value that they add to the foods that you eat. Most herbs and spices are very valuable in terms of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals they contain.

Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup

One of my favorite soups of all times! I first heard about Golden Austrian Cauliflower Soup on Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center Forum, where people were raving so much I just had to try it. I've been making it ever since; it's creamy and cauliflowery, with a touch of sweetness from carrot juice so you really don't miss the salt at all.

I like to sprinkle my soup with Perfect Pepitas, a recipe from my first book Vegan Lunch Box. I packed my pumpkin seeds in the plate that fits on top of the bowl in my new lunch box, with fresh pineapple on the side.

Making Compost Tea

by Throwback at Trapper CreekGardening season is just getting underway here in the form of starting transplants in the hoop house. Once the seedlings get their true leaves I like to water them with a weak solution of compost tea, at least once a week or more often if they need a boost. I also like to have compost tea on hand for transplanting to help the plants get over the shock of handling.

Eggs for 18,000, Please

by Sadge, at Firesign FarmWith Easter coming up, you might be thinking about dying some eggs for your family. But what if you'd like to host an Easter egg hunt for the whole town? Here's a post from my blog how to go about it:My fingers are orange. I've been dying Easter eggs. I've been dying a LOT of Easter eggs. Sixty-three cases, holding 24 dozen each, equals 18,144 eggs; plus the 2,000

I Occasionally Want But I Don't Need

By: Notes From The Frugal TrenchesI'm not sure about you, but for many of the people I know I am the only person they know who lives a simple, green, frugal and downshifted life. Many of them would never elect to go without their SUV's, drive through dinners, busy schedules, quest to climb the career ladder, extensive clothing/shoe/jewelry collections, the convenience of disposable diapers or